Project Description

Chicken burgers & tjips

Afro’s makes amazing chicken burgers and tjips. The business started as a food truck and is now established with two shops in Durban, and the trailer still doing the rounds. I took on the role of Afro’s communications person, handling their PR, social media and general communications work. Afro’s had just launched, and was in demand around Durban as the market scene experienced an unprecedented boom. What a pleasure working with these peeps!

  • Media relations: facilitating opportunities for exposure in local newspapers, publications and blogs Eg. High Life, Elle Deco, Eat Out magazine.
  • Social media: the nature of a food truck meant that social media was especially relevant to communicate Afro’s whereabouts to its audience.
  • General marketing: events and photo shoots working closely with designer Kevin Boyd and photographer David Louis.

Afro’s has since gone on to open two stores in Durban, and continues to thrive

Project Details